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Have you ever ask yourself, why your website is not on the top of most search engines. There are plenty of reasons but two of the most common reasons are Link Popularity and Page Rank. By having more back links from higher Page Rank site will improve both your Link Popularity and Page Rank.
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If your website do no have 10,000 or more back links would you consider. Signing up our 10,000 Addition back links service at only $45/month.


SEO Buddy.net has many high Page Rank Articles and directory website (that own by us) can give you all the SEO-friendly back links to your website.

As we know now days search engines will have their way to know if your back links are genuine or fake. That why SEO Buddy own Articles and Directory website with 100,000 over articles in total. Each of these Articles website was hosted on different servers, different states and different country to give you the best SEO-friendly back links that you need for your website. For a fee of $45 per month we will manually add your website link to each page of our Articles and Directory sites. SEO Buddy will keep increases our Articles and directory sites in the next few years.

Higher link Popularity and Page Rank of your website will get you index faster and higher position in most of the search engines. Not only will you be on the top rankings of the search engines. You also get targeted traffic to your website which will enhance your online sales. Best of all you can override your competitor who has lower link popularity then you without spending lot of marketing funds.

We believe spamming of other website owner forums, blogs, Articles, directory and bookmark sites are not ethic that why SEO Buddy started to build up our own base of Articles and Directory sites Where we focuses on advertise our own members website back links and targeted keywords. We are not links farm and we do not use auto submit software to spam other website owner forums, blogs, Articles, directory and bookmark sites. We know how they feel and time consuming for them to delete all the spam articles.


Note: It will take search engine about one to two month before it update all the back links from us. But we believe in one month time you should see your back links going up. if your links did not increases please contact us to check your site.

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